Aldi becomes Britain’s sixth largest supermarket

Half a million new shoppers have chosen to visit Aldi this year

HMV returns to first place among music retailers

Physical music tops the entertainment charts with £10 million growth

Vinyl record
8 things you need to know about current account switching

Lessons from a year of polling

Bank safe
Healthy future for wearable tech

GB health and fitness wearable tech market set to double

Wearable fitness technology
Brits less happy and less healthy

Health, appearance and happiness take a knock

Unhappy British bulldog
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Tesco no longer the largest grocery retailer in Ireland
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March Supermarket share data from Kantar Worldpanel Ireland
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As the British grocery price war saves shoppers £400 million in the past 12 weeks
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We look at the changing lives of British women on International Woman's Day 2015
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Edward Garner is Director Communications at Kantar Worldpanel and a highly-regarded commentator on…

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Giles Quick is a director at Kantar Worldpanel, with 25 plus years in food and drink research.

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Tim Kidd, Managing Director UK, Ireland & USA with expertise in consumer and shopper insight a…

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Tracy Allnut is Head of Commercial Development at Global TGI.

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Physical music tops the entertainment charts with £10 million growth

Season 5 UK premiere rules Twitter

Debate on 16th April generates 616,287 tweets, compared to 1.4 million for full #leadersdebate

Exploring the differences between life before the last UK election in 2010 and now

but public think Tories will be largest party

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