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Building green credentials

Desiree Lopez


Consumer Green 21.03.2014 / 10:14

Green products

Five actions that brands can take to help build their green credentials

In a study by Kantar company, TNS, researchers have uncovered five top tips to help brands to grow their green credentials.

  1. Empower consumers: More information would lead to more positive green choices but we have neither the time nor inclination to research everyday products prior to purchase. Information needs to be simple and easily accessible,  with behavioural evidence on what works driving action.. Whilst individual companies can do a lot in this area, in some categories, there may be a role for governments and regulators to provide a framework of comparable, easy to understand labelling that is subject to independent verification.
  2. Manage choice: Consumers' evident desire to help the environment is an invitation to companies to take the lead by managing the choice available.
  3. Align the objectives: We want products that meet our needs: cleaning products that remove dirt and stains; cars that are reliable. And we do not want to sacrifice efficiency for a higher green goal.
  4. Change the rules: The UK's Walkers crisps has re-shaped consumers' expectations in a category that has poor Green Gauge scores, by emphasising local provenance in its ingredients. 
  5. Green in heart and mind: An eco-positioning is not always necessary for a brand to build green credentials. Nike talks to its customers about its green activities in a way that is consistent with the brand: strong, determined and purposeful. But they avoid the language of the environmentalist, choosing to use the phrase 'better world' rather than sustainability.

For more information, download the full 'Green Shoots' report below or from the TNS UK website.

Source : Kantar TNS

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