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Do you care about green issues?

Desiree Lopez


Consumer Green 12.03.2014 / 10:00

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When it comes to buying environmentally friendly products, what type of consumer are you?

Kantar company, TNS, has identified four distinct groups of people while looking to understand the differing views held on green issues and environmentally friendly products (EFPs). TNS's new study 'Green Shoots' has found a clear divide on commitment to EFPs, with Germany and the Nordic countries having the greatest commitment and Italy, France and the UK the least.

The four TNS eco-segments are:

  1. Concerned Citizens (38%) - Willing to pay for EFPs but not 100% convinced of their effectiveness.
  2. Price out (22%) - Highly price sensitive. Willing to pay but can't afford to.
  3. Issue sceptics (22%) - Believe the dangers are overstated.
  4. Product sceptics (19%) - concerned but not convinced by EFPs

Sweden is the least sceptical country with the fewest issue and product sceptics. But Germany, curiously given its strong green credentials, tops the list of issue sceptics. The 'Green Shoots' report highlights the fact that there are a lot of people who are not entirely convinced about EFPs, even concerned citizens. In the UK, 70% of people say they would like more information on the environmental friendliness of brands. Also, 49% of UK people questioned say they were not influenced by the environmental impact of goods and services, because they did not come across information about the environmental impact.

For more information, download the full 'Green Shoots' report below or from the TNS UK website or check out these videos of the four eco-segments.

Source : Kantar TNS

Editor's Notes

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