Olympic Legacy?

Consumer // Leisure 19.12.2012

Richard Brinkman

Global head of KantarSport

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Olympics inspire a fitter Britain as 7.3m take up sport and exercise

Britain's 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games have succeeded in creating a sporting legacy and inspiring a generation, with over 7 million British adults taking up a new sport or increasing their levels of exercise as a result of hosting the Games.

Kantar found that overall 15 per cent (7.3 million) of British adults aged 16+ say they've taken part in a new or more sport as a result of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Out of all sports, swimming and athletics were the most popular.

Younger adults aged 16-24 and men are the strongest performers, with 30 per cent and 17 per cent respectively having increased participation in sport post-Olympics. Women fell slightly behind at 12 per cent.

Meanwhile, 500,000 non-sports fans (6 per cent) said that they had been encouraged to participate more in sport.

Kantar conducted two surveys to understand sport participation after the games, with both showing a significant increase in uptake.

A key feature of London's Olympic bid and planning for the 2012 Games was a commitment to inspire British people to take up sport and create a healthier, more active generation. It's brilliant to see the London Olympics delivering on some of its legacy promises, beyond just the 'feel good factor' of this summer.

The efforts of LOCOG, the Games makers and most especially, Team GB, have clearly had a positive impact in encouraging people to be more active and open to sport. 

What is perhaps most pleasing from our monthly SportScope tracker is that inspiration continues to have a positive effect, despite the fact the Games have long-since passed and winter is now upon us.

The results also show that over half of the population still agree that London 2012 will have a lasting impact on sport in the UK and that the Games showcased London at its best.

Source : Kantar Media

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