Average shopping basket now 2.1% cheaper than last year

British shoppers save £20 in the past three months, costing supermarkets £532 million

Growth rate of Aldi and Lidl slows in Ireland

First time since 2010 that both Aldi and Lidl have grown their sales by less than 10%

HMV returns to first place among music retailers

Physical music tops the entertainment charts with £10 million growth

Vinyl record
8 things you need to know about current account switching

Lessons from a year of polling

Bank safe
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Tesco no longer the largest grocery retailer in Ireland
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Half a million new shoppers have chosen to visit Aldi this year
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March Supermarket share data from Kantar Worldpanel Ireland
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As the British grocery price war saves shoppers £400 million in the past 12 weeks
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