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UK Insights

#GE2017 weekend roundup

Aleksandra Horn

Twitter TV Analyst

GE 07.06.2017 / 13:00


Kantar Twitter TV Ratings from 02 to 05 June

This weekend TV coverage of the election was once again disrupted, following another shocking attack, this time at London Bridge. However, UK Twitter chatter around GE2017 was still high, and the Question Time Leaders’ Debate sparked a lot of activity too.

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Biggest hashtags: #bbcqt (61,886), #votelabour (37,037), #votesnp (10,800), (excluding #ge17, #generalelection, #ge2017)

Biggest TV show: Question Time (02.06.17), 24/7 (776,496), Broadcast (566,411).

Twitter Reacts to Tragedy:

Two weeks after the bombing in Manchester, Britain faced another tragic attack at London Bridge this Saturday which disrupted the General Election again. All the parties, except UKIP, decided to suspend their campaigns which sparked a heated debate on Twitter. In our 24/7 tracking Sunday still received 146,362 political Tweets, despite the events of the shocking night, which in turn generated 24.3M Impressions.

#LondonAttacks was one of the top hashtags for that day, reaching 4,288 mentions. Tweeters actively engaged in a discussion about the parties’ decision to postpone their political campaigns, which when compared to the attack in Manchester seemed less balanced and calm. The peak moment in conversation occurred at 10.42 with 219 Tweets sent across one minute when Theresa May announced that the General Election would resume on Thursday. Some social media users called for the election to be postponed, others highly criticised the government for this move as an act of capitulation and surrendering to the terrorists.

In the wake of the London Bridge attack, the issue of police cuts introduced by the Conservatives came up – ‘police’ was mentioned 16,322 times along with strong criticism of the party. Condemning voices were accompanied by #votelabour which accounted for 4,614 Tweets and was the leading hashtag of Sunday’s chatter. 

Top Show:

Shows interviewing the PM and Corbyn have consistently topped both the 24/7 and Broadcast Leaderboards, and this week’s Question Time was no different. The 776,496 Tweets about the Leaders’ Special were focused on May, who was mentioned in 5.4% of all Tweets, and Corbyn, who was mentioned in 4.7%. The two also dominated the Tag Cloud, but #VoteLabour was the most common political hashtag, in-keeping with overall trends in UK TV Twitter activity around the General Election.

Discussions around the Question Time debate lasted well into the weekend, with over 200K Tweets recorded on Saturday. Prevalent Hashtags, including #Trident, #CorbynWins, and #MentalHealth, reflect some of the key moments of the debate in the eyes of UK Twitter users.

Stand out Retweeted Tweet:

Retweeted 10.8K times within two days (03.06.17 and 04.06.17).

Source : Kantar Media

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