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UK Insights

#GE2017 Election Day on Twitter

Aleksandra Horn

Twitter TV Analyst

GE 09.06.2017 / 15:00


Kantar Twitter TV Ratings Election Day Coverage

Colossal Twitter activity around the election yesterday as the public voted in their millions. Hashtags about the election dominated UK Twitter trending lists throughout the day, with #HungParliament shooting to the top of the list early this morning. The significance of the Youth vote suggests that social media buzz around parties was a viable indicator of voters’ intentions, and Labour and Conservatives remain the most discussed parties on Twitter.


Election Day _1_KM

Peak Minute: 22:02 with 3,051 Tweets

The highly engaged UK Twittersphere reacted almost instantly to the exit poll announcement, with news accounts including @bbcbreaking, @itvnews, and @skynewsbreak featuring in a lot of Tweets.  As the likelihood of a hung parliament increased, with the Conservatives losing seats and Labour making substantial gains, mixed reactions flooded Twitter with Admiration and Criticism appearing highest on our Emotion analysis.

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Total Tweets: 1,1M

Total impressions: 455.9M

Unique Authors: 313,303

Biggest hashtags: #votelabour (74,279), #vote2017 (31,448), #bbcelection (30,550), (excluding #ge17, #generalelection, #ge2017)

Twitter trend: #DogsAtPollingStations not only took over polling stations, but also Tweeters’ hearts! The hashtag was mentioned 10,104 times across the day in our GE2017 tracking with loads of photos of politically savvy pooches.

The Tweeters (audience): Male: 62.1%, Female: 37.9%

Demographic Analysis:

The 2017 Election saw a significant increase in younger voters – as many as 72%* of 18 – 25 year olds decided to show up at polling stations. This trend was reflected on Twitter, where Tweeters aged 13-24 contributed 21% of Tweets compared to an average of 11% for the previous days of the campaign. A prominent increase in Tweets was also seen in the 21-34 age group which contributed 46% of the Tweets compared to 31% for the previous days. However, Tweeters aged over 50 contributed only 26% of Tweets yesterday, compared to 43% for the previous days which is the sharpest difference in our Twitter demographic data. The sudden rise of young Tweeters could be attributed to Corbyn’s constant presence on social media, encouraging the youth to vote.

In addition to a surge in younger Tweeters, female contributors increased to 38% last night. Although the difference between males and females tweeting about the General Election remained sharp, female Tweeters were more active yesterday compared to an average 33% for the previous days.

*source: NUS estimations

Handle Cloud:

Election Day _2_KM

Channel coverage of Election Night:


The BBC’s televised coverage of election night began at 21:55, and ran through into Friday morning. The biggest associated hashtag, #BBCelection was mentioned in over 96,000 Tweets yesterday, and @bbcelection was mentioned in 29,846, as their live Twitter feed kept users engaged into the early hours. The peak minute of Election chatter linked to the BBC was at 03:13, with 1,271 Tweets posted. BBC Political Editor Lara Kuenssberg was the most mentioned handle, appearing nearly 25,000 times as Twitter discussed her analysis of the results.


ITV’s night hosted by Tom Bradby, Robert Peston and Nina Hossain saw an interesting trend on Twitter. Whereas BBC’s and Channel 4’s audience leaned towards Labour, ITV’s Tweeters focused on Conservatives, making @theresa_may 13.9% of the Social TV conversation as opposed to @jeremycorbyn, which contributed only to 1.8%. The peak moment occurred at 1:02 with 253 Tweets about the first estimated results. The most popular Tweet came from Peston commenting on the strong position of Labour, which was retweeted 1.3K times.

Channel 4

On Channel 4, Jeremy Paxman, Richard Osman, and David Mitchell presented a very different type of election coverage. Of all the broadcasts that made up the Alternative Election Night, it was ‘The Results’ broadcast that generated the most activity for Channel 4, which started at 00:00. The peak moment was at 00:01, when David Mitchell lay into Conservative Ann Widdecombe. Mitchell’s eloquent ranting style saw him mentioned in 3.7% of all Tweets about Channel 4’s Alternative Election Night, but it was News Presenter Cathy Newman who appeared in the most Tweets about the coverage. Interestingly, Channel 4 resonated well with younger users as 45% of all Tweets about #AlternativeElectionNight were posted by 21 – 34 year olds, compared to 48.1% for BBC and, 35.4% for ITV.

Stand out Retweeted Tweet:

Retweeted 12.2K times (08.06.17)

The most mentioned politician: @jeremycorbyn – 41.802 mentions


Source : Kantar Media

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