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Public Opinion // Economy 20.12.2012

Michelle Harrison


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A significant upturn in public attitudes towards the economy

Despite misgivings about the government's economic management there has been a significant upturn in public attitudes towards the economy over the last 12 months.

In December 2011, 58% of people thought the economy was in a worse condition than it was 12 months earlier, whilst only one in twenty (5%) thought it was improving. Fast forward a year and the proportion who thought the economy is still deteriorating has fallen to 34%, whilst the number saying it has improved has more than doubled to 13%.

A majority of people (52%) still feel the economy has neither worsened nor improved over the last year, suggesting that though a corner may have been turned and the economic situation stabilised, the country is still a way off a full recovery.

Looking to the future, 20% believe the economy will be doing better in twelve months time; double the proportion who said the same in December 2011 (10%). Over the same period the proportion saying they expect the economy to worsen further has fallen from 37% to 22%. Reinforcing a prevailing sense that the worst may be behind but a recovery is not on the immediate horizon, 58% still expect the economy not to improve over the next year.

Download the full December public opinion monitor below.

Source : TNS

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