Labour and Conservatives neck-and-neck on 31%

January 2015 UK voting intention poll

Almost half think Nigel Farage is 'saying what people think'

Poll ahead of UK election 2015 shows UKIP benefitting from anti-politics feeling

UKIP supporters growing more certain

Proportion of people intending to vote UKIP, stating they will ‘definitely’ vote UKIP increases

Who are you getting into bed with?

Nearly a third of Tories would prefer a coalition with UKIP if they fail to win a majority at next election

TNS UK POM infographic 2014 July 31
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Post 2014 European election survey looks at issues that influenced voters' choice
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Poll looks at British feelings towards membership of the EU
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Very low levels of trust in the UK party leaders to deliver on Scottish promises
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Kantar reaction to the Scottish Yes vote
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January 2015 UK voting intention poll

But one third of people don't care!

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