iPhone 6 boost

Great Britain iOS share now 31%

Acquiring the future

What can the past acquisitions of Facebook and Twitter tell us about the future of the companies?

Facebook and Twitter acquisition lessons infographic
Bereft without mobiles?

How do you feel if you leave your mobile phone at home?

Apple watch verdict

Current GB smartwatch market has a penetration of 1%

Apple watch 2
Link between Twitter and TV

11% of UK shows gain viewers during broadcast as a direct result of Tweets

Twitter TV
From The Archive

Apple’s share of British smartphone sales defied convention ahead of iPhone 6 launch
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Are you a 'social spectator' or a 'credible contributor'?
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The X-Factor has the highest annual number of Tweets for a UK TV series
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Why 15-24 year olds are not the true digital natives
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Dominic Sunnebo is our mobile expert and his commentary regularly features on TV, radio and onlin…

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Marie Dollé is Digital manager and Head of Content for the Kantar Media News Intelligence division…

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Maureen Duffy is the UK chief executive officer for Kantar company TNS.

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Andrew Curry jointly leads the public sector team at The Futures Company, and specialize in future…

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Great Britain iOS share now 31%

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