Who’s watching what, where and when?

Shining a light on the multi-screen TV world

tablet girl
Die-hard UK footy fans turn on the telly

TV beats laptops, tablets and mobile for World Cup watching

Football fans watching the World Cup
Goodbye BBC Television Centre

As the BBC moves to a new home, we look back at the centre’s impact

BBC Television Centre Highest-performing-programmes
Social TV in China

How are Chinese TV companies leveraging social media?

Chinese woman using ipad
Africa: future media trends

The fast evolving world of media consumption in Africa

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
From The Archive

John Lewis’ tale of the Bear and the Hare wins the battle of the Christmas ads 2013
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Academy Awards advertising spend data from Kantar Media
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Kantar Media report on the past ten years of Super Bowl advertising
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Why Mitt Romney lost the advertising war to President Obama
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