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Don’t waste a good crisis

Brands 2014 02.12.2014 / 08:00

In the Marketer

Advice from Barclays Bank’s MD of Brand, Reputation, Citizenship and Marketing

David Wheldon, MD of Brand, Reputation, Citizenship and Marketing at Barclays Bank, has been talking about the impact of Libor and importance of brand, as part of the interview series 'In the Marketer's Chair' by Kantar's Added Value.

David says in the world of 'brand' there is a real danger of people making things more complex than they need to be: "The simpler you make things, the more likely you are to be able to make an impact. People think brand is warm and fluffy, but it isn't, it's everything."

When asked about the Libor-fixing scandal, which resulted in a £290m fine and the resignation of both Barclays chief executive and chairman, David admits it has been tough: "Barclays was the best in the pack of banking brands in the UK, then Libor came along and our brand instantaneously fell off a cliff. But we must not waste a good crisis, it's actually been magnificent to have people understand how important brand is, I don't think they did before. I'll be lucky to be alive when our reputation is back where it needs to be."

Barclays sponsor the UK Premier League and David feels strongly that sponsoring something that people are passionate about enables conversations: "Sponsorship gives you an opportunity for a conversation and content creation. It enables all sort of conversations, that can be business related, but the entry point is a passion point, so you can use it to create emotional engagement. For example, when I look at what the Barclays Premier League does for our business in Africa, it's extraordinary; it's a remarkably powerful tool to create engagement."

Talking more generally about his career David has this advice for people starting out: "It is remarkable how many people will help you; all you have to do is ask. And what is equally remarkable, is how many people don't ask!"

Watch the full interview with David Wheldon from Barclays Bank.

Source : Kantar Added Value

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