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UK Insights

Why is Dulux the ‘healthiest’ brand in the UK?

Kirsty Cooke

Head of Digital Content, UK

Brands 06.11.2017 / 11:24


According to the BrandZ Top 50 UK report, Dulux stands out as being extremely ‘healthy’. But why is this?

The first annual ranking of the BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable UK Brands has been announced by WPP and Kantar Millward Brown. The BrandZ methodology looks at various factors to determine the value and strength of brands, including factors that help identify ‘Healthy’ and ‘Frail’ brands. This year, Dulux was considered to be the Healthiest UK brand. So how was this determined?

A brand is considered Healthy when it has a high Vitality Quotient, or vQ. This is made up of five attributes, with the average score across these producing a brand’s vQ. These are: Brand Purpose, Innovation, Communications, Brand Experience and Love. A score above 110 is ‘healthy’; below 95 would be considered ‘frail’.

Peter Walshe, BrandZ Global Strategy Director at Kantar Millward Brown, explains: ‘Our BrandZ data highlights five pillars of Meaningful Difference – the five areas that make a brand stronger. If a brand is thought to be making people’s lives better, it has Purpose (and global validation of brands with Purpose show they grow more and faster). If that Purpose is then underlined by an Innovation strategy, which supports why the brand is making people’s lives better, it is in a much stronger position. Then amplify the innovation with great Communications, and people are much more likely to try or re-try the brand. If the resulting Brand Experience lives up to or exceeds the promise, then Love is enhanced, enabling the brand to sustain itself until the next innovation comes along.’

Brandz -pillars

Unsurprisingly, Healthy brands (those with a high vQ score) are much more valuable than less Healthy brands across the UK Top 50: worth $3,437m on average, as opposed to $2,078m (those wih a poor vQ score). Only 22% of the UK Top 50 have above average scores on all five of the aspects of the vQ and are therefore ‘healthy’. Within the Global Top 50, this proportion is 50%. This is largely due to lower levels of innovation among UK brands, although there are some good examples of strong and Healthy brands in the UK Top 50, including The Body Shop, Dyson, the BBC and Tesco.

However, one British brand stood out as performing particularly well in all five areas, and that was decorating brand Dulux – the Healthiest UK brand (and also featured in the Top 50).

The Dulux Difference

So what makes Dulux so good? According to Walshe, ‘The brand’s iconic communications emphasise its purpose, innovations and brand experience, giving us one of our most loved brands.’

‘Dulux scores top place on two of the five vQ aspects, comes second on two, and third on one. No other UK brand has such consistency across the measures. It leads most on Communications, enhanced by long-term usage of the iconic Old English Sheepdog, a breed that many consumers simply know as the ‘Dulux Dog.’ The result is also a first place for brand Love. BrandZ data suggests that Love is an outcome of credible Innovation based on strong Brand Purpose (making peoples’ live better) that is then positively experienced when using the brand.’

Brand Purpose (where Dulux is only marginally behind Dyson and Royal Mail) is most likely magnified and illustrated by activities such as recycling unused leftover paint and even having Katarina Johnson-Thompson as a brand ambassador. But the heartland of the brand is a continued focus on Innovation (where it is second only to Dyson), being the first to use Augmented Reality to test designs and suitability of a look in your own home via a mobile device. The launch of the Amazing Spaces service, which enables consumers to get a Dulux Expert consultation online having filled in a short questionnaire and provided a picture of the space to be improved, is also a great example. This use of technology is a lesson for many other brands. Consumers, not surprisingly, are set up to have a great Brand Experience, and the Dulux brand does not disappoint; in fact, research shows it tends to exceed expectations. It is no wonder that Dulux is the BrandZ 2017 UK Top 50 Healthiest brand.’

Home Page   Dulux

Innovation is absolutely key for brand health. The BrandZ study found that, if the UK Top 50 could raise their levels of innovation to those of the Global Top 50 (i.e. from 12% to 44%) the Top 50 would be worth 17.6% more on average. This suggests there exists an ‘innovation gap’ of $41bn, or about $0.8bn per brand – a massive opportunity for UK brands.

Find out more here.

Source : Kantar Millward Brown

Editor's Notes

The valuation behind the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable UK Brands was conducted by Kantar Millward Brown, which specialises in brand equity research and brand valuation. The methodology mirrors that used to calculate the annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking, which is now in its 12th year.

Commissioned by Kantar, the ranking combines rigorously analysed financial data from Bloomberg with the opinions of over 120,000 UK consumers. The BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable UK Brands is the most definitive and robust ranking of the UK’s brands available, and thebrands ranked all meet these eligibility criteria:

  • They were originally created in the UK
  • They are owned by a publicly listed company traded on a stock exchange, or its financials are published in the public domain.

This approach produced a carefully conceived ranking of brands in 21 consumer-facing categories, including cars, energy providers, apparel, airlines, banks and entertainment.

The suite of BrandZ brand valuation rankings and reports includes the annual Global Top 100 as well as rankings for China, India, Indonesia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Latin America and Brazil.

For more information, please contact us.

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