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UK Insights

38% of UK connected consumers ‘dislike advertising’

Kirsty Cooke

UK Editor

Brands 06.06.2018 / 11:00


The latest Kantar Media DIMENSION report emphasises a need for greater creativity and standardised measurement.

From emerging patterns in ad blocking to the rise in smart speaker ownership, consumers are finding new ways to advance and evolve their media consumption, and in response, the momentum across the industry is towards integration.

At the start of May, Kantar Media published its annual DIMENSION report, analysing trends in media and communications planning and showing how the industry should respond. Kantar Media surveyed 1,000 connected consumers and held in-depth interviews with 11 industry experts. Their analysis revealed a number of growing trends. This recent iteration demonstrates consistency in consumer attitudes, and delves into how brands can succeed by increasing creativity and holistic cross-platform measurement.

Lower than last year’s reported 59%, DIMENSION reports that 57% of UK connected consumers* surveyed have acknowledged improvement in how advertisers communicate with them today, compared with the past. Over three out of every four (77%) consumers today report seeing the same ads multiple times. While there has been noticeable development in the method of communication between advertisers and consumers, there is still much room to grow.

The survey communicated that 55% of UK consumers often see ads that are not pertinent to them. 53% of those surveyed say that they are ambivalent to advertising, and 38% dislike it. As a result of negative feelings toward advertising, 26% of 18-34-year-olds stated that they always have ad blockers on, and 36% of UK consumers stated that they use ad blocking services on occasion, similar to the percentages from the previous year.

In addition, DIMENSION announces that, for both consumers and brands, the popularity of multi-channel remains an increasing force. 96% of respondents still access TV via a television set; 86% continue to listen to the radio offline; 72% read magazines; 73% read newspapers. Thus, established forms of media continue to persist. The average consumer today will use around three different content sources to proactively gather information about a brand – led by the internet (64%) and friends and family (52%).

Cross-platform activity still poses problems for marketers in terms of both measurement and creativity, as there is increased importance in ensuring that advertising campaigns work across multiple platforms, and that the success of these campaigns can be properly measured.

Richard Poustie, CEO, Kantar Media UK & Ireland, commented: “This year’s DIMENSION report reveals an industry struggling to make sense of the myriad of communication options out there. Marketers are exhibiting some skepticism of the role of digital in the media supply chain, with some of the big players going as far as moving advertising spend away from such platforms due to a lack of transparency. At the same time, we continue to see pessimistic headlines around the future of traditional advertising.

“One clear trend is a momentum towards integration across platforms, with both brands and consumers increasingly active on numerous devices. We know from experience that advertising which delivers consistent messaging on multiple platforms and across paid, owned and earned forms of media, is highly effective at engaging consumers. Not surprisingly therefore we are seeing a growing call for the establishment of a universal set of consistent, recognised measurement standards across platforms.”

The full report is available to download here:

Source : Kantar Media

Editor's Notes

The full report is available to download here

*connected consumers refers to anyone aged 18+ who uses two of: a desktop/laptop, tablet, or mobile, to go online.

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