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UK Insights

Global health report shows patient care remains inconsistent

Kirsty Cooke

Head of Digital Content, UK

Health 04.10.2017 / 13:00


Kantar Health's annual report provides a patient-centric view of the true impact of almost 200 health conditions

The 2017 edition of The Global Health and Wellness Report (GHWR) reveals that healthcare spending and longevity do not go hand in hand, as the United States ranks first in healthcare spending but seventh in longevity, while Japan and Spain rank first and second in longevity but fourth and eighth in healthcare spending. The findings are part of the annual report, a comprehensive, patient-centric examination of global healthcare conducted by Kantar Health, a global leader in healthcare market research and consulting.

Published yearly since 2008, Kantar Health’s GHWR provides unique patient insights on the most pressing health issues of today for the United States, Japan, the EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK), and key Emerging Markets Brazil, China and Russia.

In the UK, it was found that smoking, alcohol consumption, high blood pressure and obesity are the most pressing public health concerns among adults. Non-communicable diseases cause more than three-quarters of deaths in the UK, with cardiovascular diseases and cancers being the leading causes. 

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 The UK has a life expectancy slightly below the EU average but above that of the US. 

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  • The United States leads in almost all the therapeutic areas in patients experiencing a condition. However, it has one of the lowest work productivity impairment and activity impairment (WPAI) across all conditions.
  • When comparing WPAI, in the emerging markets, China is impacted the most and the United States the least.
  • Across most conditions, the EU5 experiences the highest activity impairment.
  • China has higher treatment rates for some conditions, but that’s mainly because only those with severe disease are seeking a healthcare professional.
  • While the United States and Germany rank high in the percentage of their populations that exercise, they have the highest percentage of obesity.
  • With 57 percent, the United States ranks first for adults diagnosed with a metabolic condition – including High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Obesity, Thyroid Condition, and Type 2 Diabetes.
  • With 53 percent reporting and 23 percent diagnosed, the United States ranks first for adult populations with pain conditions.

Michael Fronstin, General Manager of Health Outcomes, Epidemiology and Forecasting, Kantar Health, comments: ‘While the 2017 report indicates that progress has been made in patient care, there’s more work to be done to improve the lives of people suffering with various conditions, as across geographies the rates of diagnosis and treatment vary widely and demonstrate much room for improvement.’

Source : Kantar Health

Editor's Notes

About Kantar Health

Kantar Health is a leading global healthcare consulting firm and trusted advisor to many pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device and diagnostic companies worldwide. It combines evidence-based research capabilities with deep scientific, therapeutic and clinical knowledge, commercial development know-how, and brand and marketing expertise to help clients evaluate opportunities, launch products and maintain brand and market leadership.

Kantar Health deeply understands the influence of patients, payers and physicians, especially as they relate to the performance and payment of medicines and the delivery of healthcare services. Its 600+ healthcare industry specialists work across the product lifecycle, from preclinical development to launch, acting as catalysts to successful decision-making in life sciences and helping clients prioritize their product development and portfolio activities, differentiate their brands and drive product success post-launch.

For a full copy of Kantar Health's GHWR, please visit

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* Lifestyle statistics based on adult population of 50,994,000 in the UK, 52,010,000 in France, 67,975,000 in Germany, 51,763,000 in Italy and 39,701,000 in Spain. 'Exercises' means at least one day per month of vigorous exercise lasting 20 minutes or more.

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