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UK Insights

World Water Day 2016

Samantha Scruggs

Brand and Communications Manager, Kantar

Green 22.03.2016 / 00:01

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How the UK measures up to France and Spain on environmental priorities

On World Water Day we’re being encouraged to observe and learn about water related issues; to be inspired to tell others; and take action to make a difference. At Kantar we’ve been exploring our data to see how people feel about problems concerning water, sanitation, and environmental priorities.

We can use our data to see how the UK stacks up against France and Spain when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

The Futures Company’s Global Monitor asks respondents about whether living environmentally conscious lifestyles is a priority. 22% of Brits recorded it as top priority, much lower than our neighbours in France (35%) and Spain (44%).

When Brits were asked if they ‘took small actions to use fewer resources as part of their daily routine’ (e.g. using less water, turning the heat down, or switching the lights off) only 31% admitted to doing so in the past few years, compared to 36% in France and 47% in Spain. The people of France and Spain encourage an improvement to UK environmental efforts, as their efforts in using fewer resources resulted as much higher: France (36%) and Spain (47%).

Research by Kantar Media TGI found 49% of Brits agree that they ‘take positive steps to reduce the energy use’ compared to 78% France and 74% Spain.

35% of Brits agree with the statement ‘I am prepared to make lifestyle compromises to benefit the environment’ in comparison to 44% of French and 49% of Spanish respondents. Spain, France and the UK had similar responses to the statement: ‘I make a conscious effort to recycle’ UK 73%, France 77% and Spain 64%. However, when asked if ‘people have a duty to recycle’ 81% of Spanish respondents agreed, whilst only 69% of UK respondents felt the same.

Source : Kantar Media, Kantar Futures

Editor's Notes

The data used in this report is based on Global Monitor by The Futures Company and TGI by Kantar Media. Global Monitor Data was collected in 2015, 1527 respondents, 320 face to face interviews and 1207 via web. Journalists, download the full data sets by clicking the link(s) above. For more information or to interview Samantha Scruggs please, contact us.


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