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UK Insights

How will the UK be celebrating Valentine's Day?

Kirsty Cooke

UK Editor

Shoppers 14.02.2018 / 13:00

valentines day heart confetti

Aside from buying a card and a meal deal, what do the stats say about our capacity for romance?

We know from 2017 Kantar Worldpanel data that sales increased for the key categories associated with Valentine’s Day (that is, Chilled Ready Meals, Wine, Chilled Desserts and Chocolate Boxes & Gifting), by a massive £43 million compared to an average non-Valentine’s fortnight, and that a significant number of people will be opting to ‘Dine in for Two’ rather than spending too much on a night out.

Key Numbers

  • 59% of people in the UK plan to spend money on Valentine's Day
  • 15% of UK respondents have not yet met their 'true love'

But how many people will be celebrating today, and will they be splashing out? According to data from Lightspeed, 65% of people across the world said they would spend money on Valentine’s Day, although just 59% of UK respondents planned to do so. In the UK, 5% said they’d be making their own gift, as opposed to buying it in a store (33%) or buying it online (22%). Most (61%) said they would be spending less than £20 on Valentine’s Day celebrations.

56% of people in the UK consider themselves romantic – compared to a figure of 61% globally – but only 44% say they consider their partners to be romantic.

Lightspeed also found that most people in the UK fell ‘truly in love for the first time’ in their twenties, and 23% of people in the UK met their ‘true love’ through their friends or family. 15% said they had ‘not met their true love yet’. Awww. 

Source : Lightspeed

Editor's Notes

Based on a survey of 6,188 consumers across the US, UK, AU, SG, IN, DE and FR fielded via Lightspeed’s LifePoints mobile app.

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