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Twitter-Talk around General Election debates

Chloe Haynes

Twitter TV Analyst

GE 02.06.2017 / 11:00


Kantar Twitter TV Ratings for the week commencing 26th May

As the campaigns restarted after Manchester attack, this week in politics saw both controversial and amusing events – the SNP launched their manifesto on Tuesday 30 May, Corbyn’s homemade jam gifted to presenters of The One Show went viral, and the song “Liar Liar” about Theresa May heads the top of charts.


Total Tweets: 1.1M

Total impressions: 194.7M

Biggest hashtags:#bbcdebate (57,679), #votelabour (53,120), #battlefornumber10 (25,357) (excluding #ge17, #generalelection, #ge2017)

Biggest TV show: May V Corbyn Live: The Battle for Number 10 (29.05.17), 24/7 (861,307), Broadcast (737,995).

The Tweeters (audience): 69.3% Male 30.7% Female

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Top shows (24/7)

May V Corbyn Live: The Battle for Number Ten, Channel 4

Paxman revived his combative interview style this week for the Channel 4 Live Debate, which generated 861,307 Tweets on Monday. Unsurprisingly, @jeremycorbyn and @theresa_may were the most mentioned handles, featuring in 8.4% and 5.5% of Tweets about the debate respectively. The peak minute, 21:39, saw 9,723 Tweets after an audience member was shown mouthing “that’s bollocks” in response to May’s vague answer about NHS funding. Corbyn, Sturgeon and Farage appeared in the top re-tweeted list, with @jeremycorbyn’s Tweet about May’s vigour in debating with Paxman securing 13.4K re-tweets. Channel 4’s Live Debate secured top position as Broadcast of the Week, with 738.0K Total Tweets in the hour and a half it ran for.

The BBC Election Debate, BBC1

The much anticipated seven way debate attracted over 3M viewers, and sparked a massive 627,700 Tweets across the day, topping the Broadcast and 24/7 Leaderboards. The PM’s decision not to attend saturated discussions across Twitter, with #WheresTheresa, #WheresMay, and #WhereisTheresa featuring in 32,377 Tweets about the debate. Tim Farron’s closing statement, which re-affirmed his disdain at May’s absence, sparked 7,182 Tweets in one minute, with Admiration featuring in 14.3% of these. The official hashtag, #bbcdebate, appeared in Twitter activity around non-political shows on Wednesday too, notably in Crème de la Crème and House of Cards.

The Andrew Neil Interviews, BBC1

Andrew Neil doesn’t ask soft or neutral questions – he always brings up the toughest issues and this was also the case last Friday with his guest Jeremy Corbyn. How did he do? According to Tweeters, Corbyn did really well compared to his political counterpart May, who was interviewed on Monday. Last Friday’s interview sparked high Social Buzz with 74,077 Tweets being sent across the day and contributed to 15.8M Impressions. The peak Twitter activity occurred half an hour into the episode with 964 Tweets sent within one minute. The interview with Corbyn created a heated debate which got political journalists and commentators turn to Twitter to express their support for Labour’s leader and to compare his appearance with May’s. Overall, Neil’s interview with Corbyn reached the top of our Monday’s Leaderboard contributing to 17.3% of Social TV conversations that day.

Stand out Retweeted Tweet:


Retweeted 7.5K times within two days (29.05.17, 30.05.17)

The most mentioned politician: @jeremycorbyn – 48,672 mentions

Compared to the last week

As Party campaigns re-launched with a vengeance on TV and online, this week’s GE17 Tracking registered a 34.2% increase in Twitter. A whopping 1.1M Total Tweets grew Impressions from 135.6M to 194.7M. Notably, the BBC Election Debate and Channel 4’s May V Corbyn Live drove up Twitter activity around the election, making Monday and Wednesday the biggest days in terms of Tweets. The Gender divide increased, with Tweets from men constituting 69.3% of all Tweets, up from 64.8% last week.


Source : Kantar Media

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