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GE2017: Labour Wins Twitter, But Will it Translate in to Votes?

Chloe Haynes

Twitter TV Analyst

GE 07.06.2017 / 13:00


Kantar Twitter TV Ratings General Election Overview

Overview of Election Twitter activity (05 May to 05 June)

Total Tweets: 4.05M

Total Impressions: 695.7M

GE2017 Total Tweets by day of the election:

June 07_1

Key Moments of the Month:

- Started Tracking 5th May 2017

- Gradual increase in Tweets as campaigning begins

- Spike on 18th with the ITV Leaders’ Debate, despite May’s absence

- Largest spike to date on the 22nd following Theresa May’s appearance on Andrew Neil, and the fallout over ‘dementia tax’ and the Conservative ‘U-Turn’

- Twitter activity plummets to its lowest level on the 23rd, following the Manchester concert bombing, as the population mourns and reflects

- Activity builds as campaigns re-launch, peaking on the 1st June with the Question Time debate

- Tweets decline after the London Bridge terror attack on the 3rd June as campaigns are paused

Top 50 Keywords of the Election

June 07_2

Top 50 @Handles of the election

June 07_3

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Biggest day for each party

June 07_Cal

June 07_Cal _KEY

Reason for Chatter:

- Labour: Question Time Leaders’ Debate with May and Corbyn

- Conservative: Last Day to Register to Vote, Corbyn posted most RT’d Tweet criticising Conservatives not encouraging people to vote on any Social Media

- SNP: Release of SNP Manifesto

- LibDems: Debates around the Conservative Manifesto release

- UKIP: Nuttall on BBC 7 Way Leaders’ Debate

- Green: Lucas on BBC 7 Way Leaders’ Debate


Demographic trends in Twitter activity around the election:

June 07_4

Demographic trends across our GE2017 Tracking so far have revealed a steady increase in political Twitter activity from younger users. Increasing week on week, the 21 – 34 age group contributed 32.5% of all GE2017 Tweets last week. This could reflect the growing presence of campaign posts, adverts and political information being circulated on different forms of Social Media. Interestingly, the increase of younger contributors correlates with the rise of positive labour hashtag use, #VoteLabour etc. Although this cannot be stated as causation the link is interesting.

A consistent Male:Female divide, averaging at 67% Male to 33% Female since the 5th May, has emerged in our GE2017 Tracking. Tweeting during the election campaigning skews more female than would normally be expected for political events or programing. 


Source : Kantar Media

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