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The #BattleForNumber10 in numbers

Aleksandra Horn

Twitter TV Analyst

GE 30.05.2017 / 10:00


Audience members spark more Twitter conversations than the leaders

A live Twitter analysis during the #BattleForNumber10 event hosted by Sky News and Channel 4 highlights an unexpected star of the show. Research from our Kantar Media UK Social TV team pinpoints the minute an audience member was spotted mouthing a disparaging remark at the Prime Minister, Theresa May, under his breath as the most talked about moment in the debate.  

Debated-related conversations on Twitter peaked at 9.39pm, as Theresa May responded to a question about NHS funding, with the assurance that it would continue under a Conservative government.

Although unconfirmed, Twitter users speculated that the audience member was filmed muttering “That’s bollocks” under his breath. The speculation sparked a peak of social media chatter greater than at any other moment during the debate. This minute also attracted more critical Tweets than any other moment during the program.

In the live programme, Jeremy Paxman interviewed Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn individually, and audience members also put questions to them. Overall, the Battle for Number 10 was the most talked about TV program for the day on Twitter and accounted for over 50% of all UK TV-related Tweets on Monday 29 May.

During the show, a total of 738,000 posts were Tweeted, with 142,000 unique authors leaving 203 million social media impressions.

Top 3 posts retweeted:

1. Well, at least there is one Jeremy that @Theresa_May isn't too scared to debate #BattleForNumber10

2. It has become painfully clear in last half hour why the PM is dodging leaders' debates in this election. #GE2017

3. I may not agree with @jeremycorbyn but he came across as being totally sincere. Paxman didn't score any goals .

The Paxman showdown sparked the greatest interest on Twitter from older audiences, with those aged 35-54 responsible for 49% of conversations, compared to 44% for Tweeters aged 21-34. The audiences engaging with the debate were also heavily skewed towards male Tweeters, with 69% of Twitter interest coming from men vs. 31% from women.

Word Cloud:

Word _Cloud 31_May .png

The Battle for Number 10 certainly got viewers talking, but it was a studio audience member that became the unlikely focus of attention. Aside from that and a few audience heckles, the debate, which saw no clear winner, may have failed to engage younger audiences, sparking more conversation amongst older viewers, perhaps reflecting low levels of engagement among youth voters in general.

Source : Kantar Media

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