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UK Insights

Kantar at the 2018 Insight Show – what will you learn?

Kirsty Cooke

Head of Digital Content, UK

Kantar 23.02.2018 / 08:00

Kantar  Insight Show

Several experts from across Kantar will be presenting and demonstrating the latest innovations in market research.

On 7 & 8 March, Kantar will be at the Insight Show at Olympia Central, London, to share some of our most interesting insights, present some new solutions, and have discussions about all things ‘understanding humans’.

Visit us at Stand ID34, or visit the Insight Headline stage (which Kantar is sponsoring): our CEO Eric Salama will be taking part in the CEO debate (7 March at 09.50), Bryan Gildenberg of Kantar Consulting is presenting ‘Follow the Money: Finding Growth in Uncomfortable Places’ (7 March at 10.40) and on the Insight Showcase stage, Amy Cashman of Kantar TNS is presenting ‘Winning Over Women’ (8 March at 14.40).

You can register here (free for industry professionals) to attend this fantastic 2-day event, and read on to see what different topics will be discussed at our stand, ID34…


Kantar Health: Delving into the complexity of human behaviour

Kantar Health delivers insights that support the commercial development, brand and stakeholder communications and post-launch surveillance, primarily for products and services that fall under healthcare regulation and legislation. Their new research has shown that there is no one perspective on patient behaviours. Instead of focusing solely on individuals – motivations, beliefs, values – a modern approach must take into account societal and cultural factors, and the influence of our physical environment. What else can we learn from behavioural science to better understand patients and consumers? Hear how multi-faceted research into the silent suffering of IBS patients revealed ways to challenge the status quo and improve patients’ lives.

Hear Jeanette Hodgson & Sarah Smith at 11.45 on Wednesday 7 March, and Jeanette Hodgson & Hazel Haskayne at 11.45 on Thursday 8 March.

Kantar TNS: Customer Experience is only everything

Brands have become customer obsessed, and rightly so. The focus on Customer Experience is greater than ever, with more C Suite appointments in this domain, and CX spend set to reach an all-time high. Emotional connectivity, and how Customer Experience drives ROI, are two areas that can make or break a brand. Join John White from Kantar TNS (one of the largest research agencies in the world) as he explains how to navigate and activate the CX moments that matter… and avoid those that don’t.

12.45 on Wednesday 7 March.

Kantar, Analytics division: Meet STAN. Is the non-human understanding of humans our future?

Kantar has created an Analytics practice, which intelligently connects the data from multiple Kantar sources by deploying sophisticated analytics and data science techniques, to help our clients make better allocation and investment choices to continually drive enhanced business performance. Matt Dodd, who leads this practice, will explain how artificial Intelligence is enabling technology to perform complex tasks that historically required human intelligence. What is and will be our role as humans? What is happening today and what is likely to happen tomorrow in the world of Insight? We introduce STAN, our award-winning social and unstructured analytics toolkit powered by the latest AI, including third-party APIs and technology. Find out how STAN is helping us solve challenges around Brand Strategy & Customer Experience, Innovation and Performance, to improve ROI. 

13.45 on Wednesday 7 March.

Kantar Millward Brown: Building an emotionally intelligent brand

In a world where over two-thirds of consumers skip ads when given the opportunity, why do most campaigns continue to focus on attempts to persuade an indifferent audience of the value of minute functional advantages? The owners of the strongest brands realise that an emotional connection is the ultimate USP, but creating that passion is hard, and hampered by processes which favour short-term sales over more lasting ideas. Global expert Graham Page, Managing Director, Offer & Innovation at advertising, media and brand equity research leader Kantar Millward Brown, showcases how Emotion AI technology and methods from cognitive science reward content that makes a human connection, and shapes behaviour and sales as a result. Insights are drawn from over 25,000 studies and recent political campaigns in both the UK and US.

Kantar Millward Brown’s Facial Coding Technology will be demonstrated live at the Kantar stand, ID34, throughout the two-day event.

Kmb -predicions

Lightspeed: Who said research can’t be fun? How designing a more enjoyable survey helps companies better understand their brand.

Lightspeed helps organisations think differently about how to do research using new and innovative data collection methods, and will offer clear advice for getting the most from your surveys. Traditional survey approaches, they’ve found, in a grid format, shown in loops, and asked in the language of researchers – not consumers – often produce low selection rates and incorrect data. Lightspeed’s Alex Wheatley describes how a collaborative, ground-up approach, results in better understanding, and he shows you how writing a survey from the mind-set of a respondent rather than a researcher can further the insight and value you gather from your research.

Hear the talk at 15.45 on Wednesday 7 March.

Kantar Consulting: The power of virtual reality in shopper research

Nobody wants to invest in a losing shopper or category solution. But it happens to even the biggest brands all the time.  As innovative and creative as a new retail solution is, nothing will prevent success more than a lack of shopper feedback. Virtual reality unlocks shopper insights before you launch.

With a live demonstration from Kantar Consulting’s Shopper practice, you can experience for yourself how VR is changing how brands go to market. From testing new package design to in-store signage, letting customers shop at your virtual shelf saves time and money – and provides crucial insights for a winning retail strategy.

Try the VR experience at Kantar’s stand, ID34, and look out for our expert Lee Barwin who will be presenting back some of our findings during the Insight Show.

Kantar Media: Bucking the digital trend: Achieving more joined-up digital campaigns within an increasingly fragmented marketplace

Struggling to understand how search and display campaigns can best complement each other in a digital media environment that is increasingly fragmented and may seem disconnected from consumers’ real lives? Kantar Media, a global leader in media intelligence, will show you how to effectively connect search and display advertising intelligence, with its first-of-its-kind solution. See real-life examples of how brands and agencies can achieve better campaign ROI by understanding their competitors’ activity across the digital media landscape.

Listen to David Ashiru of Kantar Media talk at 10.45am on Thursday 8 March.

Kantar Public: Innovation not alienation – future-proofing your brand

Kantar Public plays a leading role in understanding the changing social, political and business landscape, working with government and the public sector to help shape both policy and practice. They ask: as the debate increasingly centres around the risks and downsides of new innovations, how can you ensure your brand isn’t seen as ‘part of the problem’? Kantar Public draws on years of social research with the UK public sector to show how you can innovate without alienating, by asking ‘What’s right?’ as well as ‘What’s possible?’

Hear Jonathan Nicholls from Kantar Public at 13.45 on Thursday 8 March.

Kantar Worldpanel: Understanding changing consumer and shopper behaviour, at the moment of truth

Thousands of shoppers are using Kantar Worldpanel’s Shoppix app every week, taking photos of their receipts – all stores, all industries – and getting rewards when they answer in-the-moment surveys. Kantar Worldpanel capture most receipts within minutes of the purchase taking place, enabling them to interact with shoppers whilst the memory is fresh. As a result, they are helping brands find new growth with broader channel and category coverage, improve strategies with deeper insight from more shoppers, and make faster and more informed business decisions with insights closer to the moment of truth.

Find out more from Kantar Worldpanel’s Jon Hendy at 14.45 on Thursday 8 March.

Worldpanel Plus Core Image

Kantar Consulting: Learning from culture’s leading edge

How can you understand what’s culturally significant, in any location, quickly? Introducing Streetscapes, Kantar Consulting’s vetted network of global cultural correspondents. Streetscapers regularly report on emerging trends in their local markets, helping brands, agencies, and our own consulting teams learn from culture's leading edge around the world. Learn how Streetscapes can help you identify new opportunities, track trends, and find inspiration from innovations in your category and beyond.

Alice Sweitzer presents at 15.45 on Thursday 8 March.

Want to arrange a meeting with us at the show? Get in touch

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