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UK Insights

What happened at Kantar Talks UK 2019?

Kirsty Cooke

Head of Digital Content, UK

Kantar 11.10.2019 / 13:00

kantar talks uk

We brought all our expertise together at the BFI for a fantastic client day… so what did we reveal?

On the 11 September 2019, Kantar invited marketing and insights professionals to come to the British Film Institute on London’s Southbank, to learn more about growth: how to find growth, how to set your business up for success, how to communicate and position yourself in a more effective way, and how many of our clients are using Kantar’s tools and services to achieve growth… even in these challenging times. We looked at ecommerce, retail, grocery, media and advertising and even Brexit to provide valuable insights for our guests.  

You can download our brochure summarising each of the 17 sessions below, but here are some highlights from the day’s presentations… 

1. The number one brand in the UK is still Vodafone, and the fastest-growing brands are Deliveroo, Costa Coffee and BrewDog. But there are currently only three UK brands in the BrandZ Global Top 100. As well as revealing the top 75 most valuable UK brands for 2019, we provided some useful insights into what makes a successful brand, and the key themes and trends in the UK.

2. Overperfomers act differently to underperformers, when it comes to growth. Nina Rahmatallah and Mark Visser presented the findings of the Institute for Real Growth’s research into achieving sustained growth, and discussed the seven building blocks for growth, focusing on two of the biggest drivers – ‘Abundant Markets’ and ‘Anticipative Organisations’. They revealed that 85% of overperformers said they assessed and understood market developments… compared to just 33% of underperformers. Overperformers are also more likely (72% vs 38% of underperformers) to stick with the big bets they make.

3. Value is found in experiences. We heard from J. Walker Smith that there are ‘7 Future Imperatives’ for growth, including the fact that ‘Influence now comes from intimacy, not authority.’ How can your brand facilitate more people-to-people interaction, and how can you win a bigger share of that ‘experience spend’?

4. Dissatisfied shoppers spend less. The point about experiences was reiterated in the Winning The Grocery Growth Challenge session. This presentation revealed that, on average, shoppers take longer to return, and spend over £1 less, if the trip is disappointing… while conversely good trips add over £1 of value to the basket.

5. The ecommerce opportunity is much bigger than you might think. 1 in every £5 spent by UK shoppers is spent online, and 1 in every 6 shopping trips is an online trip. The myths that this is all about Amazon, young shoppers, and online-only shoppers must be challenged – are you looking at ecommerce in a customer-centric way?

6. Marketers still face a short-term/long-term dilemma: According to our Getting Media Right research, all marketers (including 88% of advertisers) now recognise the importance of balancing short-term sales with long-term brand building. However, still only 54% of marketers are using both short and long-term measurement.

7. Plant-based eating is extremely popular and on the rise: in home/carried out plant-based meals have risen 23% since 2015, and are now worth £3.4 billion. And this consumption is not necessarily coming from where you expect – so your brand better be ready.

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Download our brochure for more fascinating insights and provocations for your brand… 


Source : Kantar

Editor's Notes

You can contact us with any questions using the details provided in the brochure, or at

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