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Top tips to avoid the skip

Samantha Scruggs

Brand and Communications Manager, Kantar

Digital 30.12.2015 / 10:30


How to create video ads that people want to watch

Skippable video ads, where online viewers can click and skip an ad if they choose, bring new creative challenges to brands.

Our Millward Brown's 2015 AdReaction study: Video Creative in a Digital World looks to understand how people with a TV and either a smartphone or a tablet, aged between 16-45 years old, consume video content. Part of the study focused on video ads and discovered that brands need to consider digital early in the creative process to avoid being skipped.

Here are Millward Brown's top tips:

Use Humour

Humour is the main way to prevent skipping ads; it was the top reason in 30 of 42 countries studied. Quickly establishing brand or category relevance also helps. The top 5 reasons not to skip online video are:

  1. Funny
  2. Brand of interest
  3. Get something in return
  4. Category of interest
  5. Intriguing

Beware of the cliff

Even with highly engaging ads, many viewers skip away as soon as they can. AdReaction observed this pattern for YouTube skippable pre-roll and Facebook auto-play. While advertisers don't pay if the ad is skipped, it is vital to capitalize on impact.

Focus on skip resistance

The first few seconds are crucial; after that, viewing levels plummet. Ensure the first few seconds have a creative hook to minimize skipping. Ads most likely to be watched to the end were 30 seconds or less​.

Brand early

Unlike ads on TV, if you don't feature the brand within the first few seconds of digital video, you've lost the opportunity to impact approximately half of your audience.

Get the click

For Facebook click-to-play, the initial frame and the introductory text is crucial: it needs to be creatively engaging. But the ad needs to deliver on the promise of that frame and intro.

Details Matter

There are a few other high level considerations, focus on size, length, and context. If the ad is likely to be seen on a mobile device, keep the screen size in mind - small details may be lost. On length - during the study, shorter ads were more likely to keep people to the end, while context plays an important role in deciding where your ad will be displayed.

Source : Kantar Millward Brown

Editor's Notes

To create AdReaction: Video Creative in a Digital World, Kantar's Millward Brown surveyed, via smartphone or tablet, more than 13,500 16-45 year old multiscreen users across 42 countries. Multiscreen users were defined as people who own, or have access to, a TV and a smartphone and/or a tablet. Millward Brown also conducted parallel copy testing for 20 ads in eight countries, across TV, online video and mobile formats, interviewing more than 10,000 consumers.

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