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Which type of traveller are you?

Shehnaz Hansraj

Former Senior Associate Director, Travel & Tourism

Digital 15.06.2015 / 06:00

Mobile phone on holiday

Research into how people in the UK research, plan and share travel experiences online

People in the UK fall into 1 of 4 segments while researching, planning and sharing their travel experiences, according to research by Kantar's TNS, written in partnership with Webloyalty. The Digital Destinations report looks at the digital profile, behaviour and attitudes across the consumer travel journey. Depending on how you engage with travel brands and each other, you'll either be a Digital Savvy Influencer, a Social Media Connector, an Online Traditionalist or a Technophobe. Which one are you?

1. Digital Savvy Influencers (28%)

You're a leader when it comes to digital influence and social media engagement. You live online and you're an early adopter when it comes to booking travel on mobile apps. Far from being anxious about online security, you have found ways to outsmart online travel brands and are likely to regularly clear their cache memory when checking flight prices. You are very unlikely to consider a digital detox while on an overseas holiday.

2. Social Media Connectors (19%)

You're not especially interested in having the latest devices; accessing social media and connecting with friends and family is more of a priority. Your device usage beyond social media is relatively unsophisticated and you're most likely to book a trip through a travel booking website.

3. Online Traditionalists (24%)

You take pride in knowing about the latest innovations. Extremely comfortable around technology, you enjoy being able to figure things out for yourself. You lack the same enthusiasm for social media, and a need for privacy as you get older is reflected in reduced status updates or photos posted and a culling of 'friends' on Facebook. Online research and user reviews are very important to you when planning a holiday.

4. Technophobes (29%)

You're a slower adopter of technology and are attracted by the tangible practical benefits rather than social uses of being online. Though you own a lot of gadgets, the use is functional e.g. tablet to read the news or the phone to text or make calls. Your primary method of researching and planning travel is through high street travel agents. As a Technophobe you're most likely to switch off all online devices on holiday and even if you do stay online, you are least likely to use social media.

To read more visit the TNS website and download the Digital Destinations report.

Source : Kantar TNS

Editor's Notes

Kantar's TNS surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,000 UK adults online in March 2015. We focused on their most recent main holiday overseas (five nights or longer).

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