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UK Insights

London's connected commuter

Imran Choudhary

Consumer Insight Director

Mobile 11.03.2015 / 12:40

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Londoners increasingly wedded to their handheld devices during their journey to work

Data from Kantar Worldpanel into how we use technology on our commute to work has identified that Londoners have very different habits on their journey when compared to the rest of Britain.

Londoners are more tech savvy and connected on their commute than those living elsewhere, partly because a Londoner commutes for longer (11% commute for over an hour v 5.8% in rest of the Britain) and partly because they are twice as likely to use public transport.

London bus users are more social

Bus users take advantage of the fact that they have signal for using the internet and calling people; however, this tends to be for social purposes. They are least likely to do work on their commute, with only 8% logging onto the office on the move.

Tube users are more solitary

Tube users tend to be more solitary, probably as a result of not having signal to text or use social networking. They are more likely to read the paper, play games or catch up on work on their journey, than their bus and train counterparts.

Train users are more media savy

Train users make the most of having signal above ground with one in four making phone calls and nearly a third surfing the web. 12.2% read magazines v 4.8% of bus users and 7.1% of tube travellers.

Top activites for Londoners on their commute:

  1. 44% listen to music
  2. 39% use social networking
  3. 31% make phone calls

Finally, gaming is very popular in the capital, where you're three times more likely to see someone playing a game than you would outside of London.

Source : Kantar Worldpanel

Editor's Notes

Kantar Worldpanel uses a continuous panel of 15,000 individuals representative of the GB population to provide longitudinal insights on the telecoms market from an ownership, acquisitions and usage 'in life' perspective.

Journalists looking to interview one of our mobile experts should contact us.

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