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Love Island tops Twitter charts

Chloe Haynes

Twitter TV Analyst

TV 03.08.2017 / 12:00


Kantar Twitter TV Ratings for the week commencing 24th July

What a week for reality TV – Love Island came to a close on Monday 25 July, with Kem and Amber voted to victory, and on Friday 28 July we saw Isabelle take the Big Brother crown.

The Love Island final sparked 375.0K Tweets on Monday, and its broadcast attracted a record-breaking amount of viewers and 277.2K Tweets. The peak minute was 22:33 as 5.7K Unique Authors took to Twitter to panic about what to do with their evenings from now on.

Despite finishing third, Chris and Olivia still dominated Twitter chatter, and were both in the top 5 most mentioned phrases. Generating 34.1K Tweets over the course of the day, and 20.5K within the Broadcast window, the Big Brother finale was the biggest day and broadcast for Tweets this series. 'Isabelle' was the second most used word according to our Tag Cloud, featuring in 7.6K Tweets. The peak minute for Twitter activity came at 22:17 as people celebrated Isabelle's victory in real time with 586 Tweets posted.

It’s safe to say that Twitter loves Reality TV with both shows consistently topping our 24-7 and Broadcast Leaderboards across the last couple of months.

Elsewhere, marking the centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele, BBC’s coverage sparked an astonishing 23.1K Tweets across Sunday commemorating soldiers’ bravery.

Those who couldn’t attend the events in Ypres, gathered in front of their tellies, and it was quite an impressive crowd – over 12K of viewers were actively contributing to the Social chatter on Sunday evening 30 July.

Interestingly, Tweeters started preparing for the hundredth anniversary one day before, sparking 2.6K posts on the Leaderboard. The highest activity was spotted two minutes before the end of the broadcast with 118 Tweets, of which over a quarter contained Admiration Emotion. Within this minute, Tweeters expressed their pride and commemorated their ancestors who fought in the battle.

A staggering difference in genders of the Tweeting audience was noticed on the Leaderboard – nearly 60% of Tweets came from males compared to only 40% posted by females. BBC’s live coverage from Flanders proved to attract older viewers, as over 62% of Tweets were posted by the Over 50 age group.

World War One Remembered: Passchendaele created a space for reminiscence and tribute to the war heroes. With 7.7M Impressions and 56.1K Likes it secured number three on our 24/7 Leaderboard and contributed to 8% of the Social TV chatter on Sunday.

Source : Kantar Media

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