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Wimbledon 2017 served up activity on Twitter

Chloe Haynes

Twitter TV Analyst

TV 18.07.2017 / 10:00


Kantar Twitter TV Ratings Wimbledon round up

Federer’s record-breaking victory on Sunday drew a dramatic fortnight of world class tennis to a close. For the last two weeks Wimbledon 2017 has rallied impressive activity on UK Twitter, with a total of 1.5M Tweets posted over the 14 days, which generated 973.2M Impressions.

Key Take Outs:

- 60.1% of Tweets were posted by Men

- #Wimbledon was used in 52.6% of Tweets

- Murray was the most mentioned player

Wimbledon Tag Cloud:

Wimbledon Tag Cloud

Our Key Word analysis across the fortnight showed that world renowned players and official BBC accounts were Tweeted about most, but also that the final and semi-finals generated substantial chatter in a short amount of time.

Peak Minute:

The busiest minute on Twitter during this year’s Wimbledon was 20:33 on the 10th July, which saw 3,155 Tweets posted in 60 seconds following a pulse-raising victory for Muller. Both he and Nadal were commended for their skill and sportsmanship at this point, with our sentiment algorithm detecting ‘Admiration’ in 37.1% of Tweets posted.

Biggest Day on Twitter:

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Sunday saw the most Twitter activity with 22.5% more Tweets than any other day, drawing from the Mixed Double’s Final, and the Men’s Single’s Final. The latter topped our Wimbledon Broadcast Window Leaderboards, attracting 4.2M TV Viewers and sparking 127.8K Tweets. Federer’s victory saw him become the first man to win Wimbledon eight times, extended his record to 19 Grand Slam titles, and enabled him to author the most Re-Tweeted Tweet about Wimbledon 2017.

Player Watch:

Winning the Grand Slam didn’t secure a Twitter victory for Federer, as Murray was the most mentioned Male player across the fortnight appearing in 169,108 Tweets. Konta topped the Women’s Wimbledon Twitter chart with 66,360 mentions, which also placed her as the fourth most discussed player, only 964 behind Nadal.

Wimbledon _mentions

Moments of Interest Off The Court:

Many of the most memorable moments throughout the tournament this year weren’t about fast serves, impressive rallies or player rivalries.

Using our Kantar Twitter TV Ratings Data, one standout moment of the tournament was Andy Murray’s commendable response to a reporter’s ‘Casual Sexism’ on Wednesday 12th July. During the press conference following his defeat, Murray corrected a journalist who described Querrey as the ‘first US player to reach a major semi-final since 2009’ simply by interjecting with ‘male’. Not only did this drive a peak in Twitter activity, sparking 20.1K Tweets mentioning ‘casual sexism’, it also fuelled the second and third most Re-Tweeted Tweets of the entire fortnight.

Another standout Twitter moment was the reveal of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, which was played on the BBC just after the men’s final. Chatter around this was immense, placing #Doctor13 and #DoctorWho in the Top 30 Hashtags used in Wimbledon related Tweets, even when looking at data across the entire 14 days.

A third Twitter buzz topic during Wimbledon 2017 was ‘Underweargate’. The extent of the ‘all white’ uniform rule was keenly enforced this year, with Venus Williams and boys doubles team Zsombor Piros and Yibing Wu forced to change their underwear. 42.1% of Tweets about Wimbledon containing the word ‘underwear’ shared a URL, as many users expressed disdain over the seemingly out-dated rule.

Source : Kantar Media

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