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Eurovision takes over Twitter

Symran Khangura

Senior Twitter TV Analyst

TV 17.05.2017 / 10:00

Glitter ball

Kantar Twitter TV Ratings for the week commencing 08th May

This year's Eurovision Song Contest final generated a phenomenal amount of Twitter activity – topping both the Broadcast and 24/7 Leaderboards for Saturday, more Tweets were sent about Eurovision than the General Election.

Portugal emerged victorious, with a poignant love song performed by Salvador Sobral. Portugal's offical hashtag for the competition, #por, appeared in 1.1% of Total Tweets as the Twitterverse debated the song. Graham Norton also featured consistently in Twitter activtiy across the final, with his witty narration aggregating 14,361 mentions.

Key Twitter moments throughout the show included Croatia's 'popera' performance which sparked over 19,500 Tweets in just two minutes. Lucie Jones generated 45,760 Tweets in the five minutes after her performance for the UK, and was mentioned in 1.9% of Tweets across the whole day too. Croatia's artistic performance caused the highest spike in tweets across the whole programme, but the unexpected stage invasion came in at a close second.

Overall, with an average of 780 Tweets per minute across the entire day, Eurovision generated 1.1M Total Tweets, 22.3% of which contained Positive Sentiment.

Elsewhere, Sunday evening was dominated by of the most important events celebrating British television. Hosted by Sue Perkins, the 62nd ceremony of the British Academy Television Awards attracted 42,800 Total Tweets sent from 20,177 Unique Authors, which in turn resulted in an impressive number of 28.8M Total Impressions.

Of all the winners, @Emmerdale created the most Social Buzz – Tweeters mentioned the show 1875 times. The spike in Twitter activity occurred in the 35th minute of the ceremony and was caused, surprisingly, not by an unexpected winner but by a seemingly unprepared speech which brought up ‘errms’ and ‘uhm’ in a TagCloud. Despite this slight inconvenience, Twitter audience expressed 45.6% Positive Sentiment, with 22% of all Tweets containing the emotion Admiration.

Source : Kantar Media

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